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Personal Stories

Below are the links to the stories submitted by various members of the Armed Forces who fought in Burma, as well as some information about some of the regiments involved in the Campaign. If you click on a link below, it will take you to the story.

1st Burma Division

2nd British Division

4th Corps

4th Indian Armoured Division

5th Indian Infantry Division

7th Indian Infantry Division

8th Belfast Corps

11th East African Division

11th Indian Infantry Division

12th Bn the Sherwood Foresters - Albert Steadman

14th Army

14th Indian Infantry Division

15 Corps

17th Indian Infantry Division

19th Indian Infantry Division

20th Indian Infantry Division

23rd Indian Infantry Division

25th Indian Infantry Division

26th Indian Infantry Division

28th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery

33rd Indian Corps

34 Corps

36th British Division

44th Indian Airborne Division

60 and 80 Column Chindits 1944 - Thomas Joesbury

81st West African Division

82nd West African Division

194 Squadron - Douglas Williams

194 Squadron/Chindits - Deryck Groocock

Allan Hemmingway's Memories

Bill Chow's Memories

Bill Corcoran's Memories

Bill Green's Memories

Bill Turnell’s Recollections of Wartime Service

Biography of Captain Douglas Jung SOA

Bob Croton's Story

Brief history of The Duke of Wellington's Regiment (West Riding)

Brigadier Michael Calvert

British 2 Div

British 36th Division

Burma and Back - Bill Hannah

Burma and the Battle of Kangaw - Ted Ridley

Burma with the Seaforth Highlanders - Peter Torrance

Chin Hills Battalion, Burma Frontier Force 1942-1944 - Major WAS Hyde MC MiD

Chindit Ambush at Milestone 20 - Gordon Hughes

Dennis Underwood, War Office - 'Y' Group

Detachment 101 harried the Japanese in Burma and provided close support for regular Allied forces - Sterling Rock Johnson

Don Vallee’s Memories

Double Dip - Alan Hawkshaw

Engineers by Glider to Myitkyina – Company A, 879th Engineers - 17 May 1944 - Mark P Zaitsoff  MAJ, EN – USAR (Ret)

Escape: Burma - Squadron Leader RG Johnson

Escape from Bangkok - Mollie Dods

Force 136 - Lieut-Colonel Ritchie Gardiner

Frank Kellin's Memories

Friendly Fire - and - A Man who said 'no' to The Japs - Richard DeR Channer

Gliderborne Engineers during Operation Thursday - Mark P Zaitsoff  MAJ, EN – USAR (Ret)

Going to war with and unarmed ship - Merchant Navy Memories - Percy Smith

Hairy Experiences - Alan Barnett

History Of No 117 Squadron, Royal Air Force - John Winter

How Admin Troops Backed up the Fighting Men

In the Air Over Burma - Brian Shelley

Incident on the Sittang, May 1945 - Frank Merrett

Ivy Pritchard's Story

Letters Home - George LR Stevens

Life with the South Staffs - JS Walley

Lysander Aircraft - Brian Scott

Major Basil Neale's Memories

'March Divided But Fight United': The Chindits - Rolfe Hedges

Masters - Flt Lt Edward DSN Sparkes

Memories of Alcohol Consumption and the Great Beer Heist - Air Gunner Bob Ustick

Mess Secretary, 1943 - Peter Briscoe

Mike Downing’s recollection of his war service

My RAF Service with 194 Squadron - Ken Moses

Paul Adams' Memories

Mules' Voice Chords Cut - Len Reynolds

Pear Hill, January 1945 - Capt DW (Joe) Payne, 33rd Anti Tank Regt RA

Percy Smith's Memories

Recollections of Afghanistan's geography, religions and it's people - Ted Gibbins

Rev Donald Mackay

Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Royal Welch Fusiliers

Sapper Posties Burma 1942-7: A Service Remembered

Sgt James A Reeve

Sgt Stan (Tommy) Thomson, Devonshire Regiment & RASC, Indian Army Corps Of Clerks

Sidney Martin's Memories

South Wales Border Regiment

Springboard To Victory: 'Last Man, Last Round' Order - March 1944 - W Johnstone-Kent

Staffordshire Regiment – A Brief History

Stilwell Advances from Ledo

Ted Gibbins' Memories

Ted Paxton's Memories

TH Morehen

The Battle for Hil 60

The Battle for Hill 170 and the V.C. awarded to Lt. George Knowland - Brigadier KRS Trevor CBE DSO

The Battle of Donbaik - 18 March 1943 - Colonel MA Demetriadi OBE TD

The Battle of Sittang 16th-23rd February 1942 - Bill Norman's account

The Burma Police and the Retreat from Rangoon - JR Manning

The Eastern Fleet Rules the Indian Ocean

The Enemy Strikes from the Arakan

The History of the Border Regiment

The RAF Servicing Commandos - Stan White

The Replacement Soldier - Pfc Dalton F Williams of Merrill's Marauders & Mars Task Force

The Retreat from Mandalay - Major Ronald James Anderson, British Indian Army

The Sinking Of The Suez Maru - Dennis R Courant

The Story of How Two Families Left Burma as the Japanese Advanced

The Story of the Border Regiment - Philip J Shears

Time Was... - Manny Curtis

To Naba Junction and Beyond - Norman Morse

Trooper 7945760 Malcolm Leonard Connolly, Royal Armoured Corps

West Yorkshire Regiment

When the Lads Come Down

Wingate's Skytroops Land in Burma

Wireless Observer Units - Ron Collins, Ex-LAC Wireless Operator, RAF

Womens’ Auxiliary Service (Burma)

WSgt Bill Clift MM, South Staffordshire Regiment

You Lucky Lads! - Ken Keen's account of life with the 1st Btn Essex Regt/23rd Bde

When you go home

tell them of us and say,

For your tomorrow,

we gave our today

Lt Gen Slim at Fort Dufferin, Mandalay, in March 1945 Lt Gen Slim at Fort Dufferin, Mandalay, in March 1945
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