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Burma with the Seaforth Highlanders

The Burma Campaign, 1st Battalion The Seaforth Highlanders, 23rd Indian Division

By PM Torrance

Chapter 1 - 1942


February 25th

The Battalion entrained at AGRA bound for KOHIMA. Our Transport consisted of: 30Cwt Trucks, Brengun Carriers, Mules, Camels. We stopped at ETAWAH for Lunch and CAWNPORE for our evening meal.


February 26th

Stopped at MOGAL SERAL for Breakfast, GOYA for Lunch, and ASANSOL for our evening meal.


February 27th

Stopped at ISHUNDI for Breakfast, PARBATIPUR for Lunch, and LUBMANISHAT for our evening meal.


February 28th

The Bn. embarked on the Ferry at AMINGOAN to cross the BRAHMAPUTRA River, then continued to MANIPUR ROAD (DIMAPUR), which was the Railhead for KOHIMA and IMPHAL. We had Breakfast and Lunch on the Ferry and our Evening meal at MANIPUR ROAD.


March 1st



March 2nd

After Breakfast at MANIPUR ROAD we proceeded in local buses to KOHIMA, being played in by the Pipe Band of the Assam Rifles.


March 3rd

I was bitten by a snake, whilst writing letters home, which was identified as an Assam Viper. A young Medical Officer with no previous experience of Snake bites, sucked out the venom, lanced the bitten area and stitched me up.


March 11th

Stitches removed. Our Regimental Pipe Band beat Retreat for the first time in Kohima.


March 17th/18th

Recce Patrol. VISWEMA - KID1MA - KEKRIMA – KIGWEMA, all small Villages around KOHIMA. I left main Patrol at K1DEMA and went on to KEKR1MA with 4 Volunteers. An extremely arduous climb. Arrived 7 p.m. that night and slept with NAGA family. The 4 volunteers mentioned above were Cpl Thrower (now Chairman of Leicester branch Seaforth Highlanders Regimental Association), Ptes Davison, Bagshaw and Dawson.

During this Patrol met Douglas Matcham patrolling deeper into ASSAM/BURMA Border.

(Douglas died of pneumonia when on a Course in Shillong later on in the year. He, along with David Hughes and myself were commissioned into The Seaforth Highlanders from 163 O.C.T.U., St Mary's Bay, Dec. 1939).


March 19th

Entry in my diary states - “Rained most of the day” –“Wind Rising” - “Night Pitch Black.”


March 24th

Left KOHIMA for Company Weapons Course at SAUGAR.


April 5th

COLOMBO - CEYLON (now SRI LANKA) bombed from Japanese Aircraft Carrier in Indian Ocean.


May 9th

Left SAUGAR - Company Weapons Course finished.


May 13th



May 16th

IMPHAL bombed - Many Refugees killed.


May 18th



May 19th

Took up post of 23rd Indian Division Liaison Officer to General Savoury at LEPA.


June 12th

Left LEPA to rejoin Regiment at SHENAM (THE SADDLE). Spent night at PALEL.


June 13th

Rejoined Regiment on SADDLE.


June 27th

Commenced Special Escort Patrol. SHENAM - KAMPANG. Distance 19 miles.


June 28th

Continued KAMPANG to MINTHA, a distance of 25 miles.


June 29th

MINTHA to bank of River YU - making for MYOTHIT but couldn't cross river because of current. Distance 6 miles.


June 30th

Bank of river YU to bank of river TARAT. Distance 4 miles.


 July 1st

Bank of River TARAT to MINTHA. Distance 2 miles.


July 2nd

MINTHA to bank of River TARAT, distance 2 miles. Diary reads: "Tried whole day to cross River TARAT with rations for "A" Company, marooned at MYOTHIT but due to spate of river could not make crossing".


July 3rd

Alternative route to MYOTHIT via MINTHA - HLEZEIK - HTONKEDIN – NANDALIN (SHIDUMJAR) & PAGWE. Distance 24 miles. The outward journey to MYOTHIT from SHENAM took from 27th June to 3rd July during which we covered just 80 miles. I had a Corporal and 10 men with me, carrying extra rations for "A” Company at MYOTHIT where Company Commander, Capt. Battle, was down with malaria and his second in command, Lieut. David Hughes had gone off with a party to get a boat which would have had to be carried through the jungle between rivers.


July 4th

The return journey to SHENAM commences. This time consisting of "A” Company and my "Escort" Patrol. The going was hard, particularly as we had a number of Stretcher cases to carry, including a 13 year old Indian girl who had been found by "A” Company sitting by her dead family, all of whom had trekked from RANGOON. She had Malaria and Dysentery and was in a very bad state, but was very useful as she spoke 7 native languages including Burmese. We travelled just the 4 miles back to PAGWE on this day.


July 5th

We travelled under very heavy going conditions just 6 miles to NANDALIN where the locals were extremely helpful, in complete contrast to the locals of PAGWE.


July 6th

The river TARAT had overflowed its banks to a depth of 2 - 3 feet but Burmese guides from NANDALIN bridged streams for us and blazed a trail through the jungle. Unfortunately Pte Campbell died from Malaria at 0611 hrs just outside NANDALIN. Distance covered 12 miles.


July 7th

Got lost in jungle for one and a half hours with Piper Sutherland so distance from MINTHA to KAMPANG was 30 miles!!!


July 8th

Completed journey from KAMPANG to rejoin the Regiment on the "Saddle" - distance 19 miles. The total distance on this Patrol was 151 miles in 12 days but we got “A” Company back safely but much the worse for wear. The little Indian Girl unfortunately died in the Forward Field Hospital just 6 weeks later. The length of time it took to do this Patrol was mainly due to the difficulty in crossing the Rivers YU and TARAT, both tributaries of the River CHINDWIN as these and many of the smaller "chaungs" we also had to cross were all in spate and it rained and rained and rained.…


July 17th

Healthwise this Patrol took its toll on me as I went down with Malaria and was admitted to 24 Field Ambulance in SHENAM.


July 18th

Was transferred to Casualty Clearing Station IMPHAL.


July 20th

Moved to 37 Field Ambulance IMPHAL


July 24th

Moved into Accommodation used by fellow Officer Douglas Matcham who had got himself a "cushy" job with H.Q. 23 Indian Div.


August 6th

Rejoined Regiment on "Saddle". Recuperation period over.


August 8th

Sent to WAITHOU on a "Watermanship" Course. As if I hadn't experienced enough water already!!!


August 10th

Rejoined Regiment on "Saddle".


August 20th

Diary reads "PALEL bombed".


August 21st

Regiment moved from "Saddle" to PALEL.


September 5th

Once again took up post of Liaison Officer to General Savoury, 23 Indian Div. From this date to 17th October, when I returned to the Regiment, then in SHENAM I carried out Liaison duties, visiting KOHIMA - DIMAPUR - TANGNUPAL - DAMPOL – JORHAT and TORBUNG.


October 11th

General Wavell visited H.Q. 23 Indian Div.


October 17th

Rejoined Regiment in SHENAM.


October 25th

Left SHENAM for "leave" to OOTACAMUND. Arrived MAO 1800 hrs.


October 26th

Left MAO 0700 hrs. Arrived DIMAPUR 1730. Left DIMAPUR 2300.


October 27th

Arrived GHAUHATI 1130 hrs. Left GHAUHATI 2100hrs.


October 28th

Arrived DHUBRI 0830 hrs. Left DHUBRI 2030hrs. Arrived GOLANGANJ 2130 hrs. Left GOLANGANJ 2350 hrs.


October 29th

Arrived PARBATOPUR 0530. Left PARBATOPUR 0600. Arrived CALCUTTA 1340 hrs.


October 30th

Left CALCUTTA 1510 hrs.


November 1st

Arrived MADRAS 0930 hrs. Left MADRAS 2000 hrs.


November 2nd

Arrived OOTACAMUND 1220 hrs.


November 2nd to 13th

On leave in OOTACAMUND.


November 13th

Left OOTACAMUND 1435 hrs.


November 14th

Arrived MADRAS 0630 hrs. Left MADRAS 1715 hrs.


November 16th

Arrived CALCUTTA 2130 hrs.


November 18th

Left CALCUTTA 1200 hrs.


November 20th

Arrived DIMAPUR (MANIPUR ROAD) 0230 hrs.


November 21st

Left DIMAPUR 0600 hrs


November 22nd

Arrived back at SHENAM 2000 hrs. The outward journey from SHENAM to OOTACAMUND had taken 9 days and the return journey 10days. Individual train times have been given above to illustrate the immense distances that have to be covered on the Indian Continent.


December 25th

Spent at Sergeants’ mess at KAKCHING where a good time was had by all!!!


December 26th

Spent at "Rest Camp" at KANGLATONGBI recovering from the 25th!!!

Chapter 2 - 1943


January 1st

Commenced Vehicle Maintenance Course at GOLAGHAT.


January 3rd

To JORHAT to see Gordon Harker in "Mail Train''.


January 5th

Purchased new watch.  (Still in my possession – never been cleaned or serviced and still keeps good time - in spite of being immersed under the Chindwin on a few occasions).


January 10th

To JORHAT to see Margaret Sullivan in "So Ends the Night"


January 11th

Vehicle Maintenance examination.


January 12th - 15th

Carrier Course, GOLAGHAT.


January 16th

GOLAGHAT - DIMAPUR on Studebaker Lorry (60 miles in 2hrs 40 mins.)


January 17th

DIMAPUR - IMPHAL . (132 miles in 15 hrs).


January 18th

IMPHAL - SHENAM. (36 miles in 2 hrs).


January 19th

SHENAM - TAMU. (26 miles in 6 hrs). A total of 254 miles over a period of 4 days!!!


January 23rd

To Mobile Cinema to see "Champagne Waltz."


January 30th

Pte Kershaw died of wounds from 3” Mortar bomb during exercise. (Sadly a case of "friendly fire").


February 1st - 6th

Platoon commanders Course.


February 7th

Visited by Field Marshall Wavell.


February 24th



March 11th

Left MYOTHIT on "Lion Patrol" to east of Chidwin River. Crossed at TONHE. Spent Night near INTHA. 16 miles. Carried in back pack: 6 Days light rations, Mosquito Net, Cardigan, Gym Shoes, Washing & Shaving Kit.


March 12th

Left INTHA and vent N.W. for about 12 miles. Some villagers hostile. Ptes Wilson and Shadbolt fell to rear of Patrol, former with stomach cramp and latter with damaged knee. Camped in Jungle. Saw light nearby about midnight. Sent patrol to investigate but nothing found.


March 13th

Set out on compass bearing of 120 through jungle to NATHAN.  Entered village that evening.  Japs had been there.  Got some Japanese currency from Burmese - also 10 parachutes. NATHAN is on Jap patrol route and was last visited by them 3 weeks ago.  They had 5 elephants and were carrying Mortars.  Distance travelled 10 miles.


March 14th

Left for WETKAUK and NAUNGANA.  Got lost in jungle with C/Sgt Robertson.  Distance travelled 10 miles.


March 15th

Moved out of WETKAUK on small Recce Patro1.  Took 5 Burmese for interrogation.  Small Pox in PINGUQET.  Tried to signal Regt H.Q. but this impossible due to height of trees.  Distance covered 4 miles.


March 16th

Left WETKAUK and met 2 other patrols.  Then went on to NYINGBINTHA. Two of our planes came over low to see who we were.  This was at KAMAING.  Extremely HOT.  Villagers very friendly. Distance covered 14 miles.


March 17th

Left NYINGBINTHA for SETTAW, a distance of 8 miles. Crossed Chindwin River and continued down bank to LEPANTHA.  Again extremely HOT.  Harboured for night at LEPANTHA.


March 18th

Left LEPANTHA for SEDAW, a distance of 12 miles. Purchased fresh vegetables and rice in THAUNGBUT and NYANTHIT.  Grand change from normal rations. Pte McGhee got drunk on native wine (rice) and shot his finger.  This I amputated with a razor blade (Wilkinson Sword?)


March 19th

Left SEDAW for MYOTHIT.  Extremely hard climb especially with Chindits elephants coming in the opposite direction.  (Mules and elephants don’t mix!!) Arrived back at Regt H.Q. 1620 hrs.  Distance covered 14 miles.


March 21st

Built new “basha" for D Coy Office.


March 29th

Left MYOTH1T for TONHE. Took 2 days hard rations on men and 4 days light rations on mules.  Distance covered 14 miles.


March 30th

Ordered out to Pt25R near LEU.  Took 5 days light rations and 1 days hard rations. Crossed Chindwin river at TONHE. Spent might near NAMPAMAUNG.


March 31st

Went on the banks of Chindwin and tried to get to NAMPAHOK but took wrong track.  Spent night on River bank.


April 1st

Went on to Pt 25R to meet Lt. Hughes but he hadn’t been there at all. Met Lts Mackintosh and Black in Jungle near Pt25R. Remained at Pt25R for the might in the hope that Lt Hughes would send runner there.


April 2nd

Went with Mackintosh, Black and McFarland to WETKAUK to see if any trace of Lt Hughes there and ran into Davies on banks of Chinthe Chaung. Returned to KYA-IN that night.


April 3rd

Left KYA-IN for PENGAKET track where Hughes was lying in ambush and stayed in ambush position that night.


April 4th

Hughes went reccying near WETKAUK area.  Major Costens came and gave good information about Jap Whereabouts. Moved during night to vicinity of PINKAGET as we had seen some Burmese acting suspiciously there.


April 5th

Went to new harbour on banks of Chinthe Chaung opposite WETKAUK.


April 6th

“A” Coy joined us there.


April 7th

Went to KAMAING to get food for Coy.


April 8th

Went again to KAMAING to get 2 cows but they escaped.  Got more rice and bananas instead.


April 9th

Burmese brought cows into our harbour which were slaughtered for meat for the Companies.


April 10th

Companies left harbour for THAPANZEIK. I was taken to SETTAW with the sick and the mules by a Burmese guide.


April 11th

Left for SEDAW.  I sent the sick by boat.  I went overland, crossing to the opposite bank of the Chindwin at THAUNGDUT.  Some difficulty in getting the mules over the river.


April 12th

Returned to MYOTHIT with 1 Mule and driver and Ptes. Chipston, Nicholl, Anderson and McFarland, Left SEDAW 0740; arrived MYOTHIT 1610.


April 14th

Remainder of Company returned to MYOTHIT.


April 15th

"B" Coy bumped into Japs 0900.  Lt Barnard seriously wounded and 3 of his Platoon were killed and 14 missing.


April 19th

Lt Frost’s Platoon bumped Japs at KYA-IN.  Frost and 9 members of his platoon not heard of since.


April 21st

Left MYOTHIT for SEDAW. Heard there were Japs in TONHE, but this report proved to be false. Lt. O’Neill bumped into Japs at NAMPANAUNG. Imphal bombed.


April 22nd

Arrived SEDAW.


April 24th



April 25th

Took over from "B" Coy at NANTHAGIT. LIMMU bombed.


April 29th

Left NANTHAGIT for MYOTHIT and banks of River TARET, a tributary of the Chindwin).


April 30th

Arrived banks of TARAT.


May 1st

Arrived MINTHA area.


May 2nd

Returned to TAMU to take over P.R.I.


May 3rd

Went to IMPHAL for beer etc.


May 4th

Stayed over at WAITHOU.


May 6th

Left for TAMU.


May 7th

Arrived TAMU - Went to MOREH and then returned to TAMU.


May 9th

Went to Bn. harbour at m. s. 13.


May 10th

Issued beer and other canteen goods.


May 17th

Returned to MOREH.


June 5th

To IMPHAL for more beer etc.


June 6th



June 7th

Returned to MOREH; issued beer etc.


June 20th

Left MOREH - Road in terrible condition - Supply trucks had to be continually dug out.


June 21st

Arrived WAITHOU.


June 26th

Admitted to 41 Indian General Hospital at KANGLATONGBI with Malaria and Dysentery.


July 6th

Discharged from Hospital.


July 7th

Bn. arrived WAITHOU.


July 8th – August 7th



August 8th



August 9th – October 17th

At Shillong.


October 18th

Left SHILLONG  1400. Arr. PANDU  1830. Left AMINGAON  2010.


October 19th

Arr. PARBATIPUR 0715. Left PARBATIPUR 0815. Arr SEALDAH Sta 1530 (Calcutta). Left HOWRAH Sta 2030 (Calcutta).


October 21st

Arr. AGRA  0430. Left AGRA  1730. Arr. DELHi  2130.


October 22nd

Left DELHI  1810


October 23rd

Arr DEHA DUN  0820. Left DEHA DUN  1000. Arr. MISSOURI  1145.


October 24th – 31st

On leave on MISSOURI.


Nov 1st



Nov 2nd



Nov 5th



Nov 6th



Nov 10th



Nov 12th



Nov 13th



Nov 19th

Went to SHUGANU Rest Camp m. s. 30.


Nov 20th – Dec 12th

No diary notes but must have returned to WAITHOU during this period.


Dec 13th



Dec 14th – 20th

Arrived CALCUTTA and stayed there.


Dec 21st

Admitted B.M.H. Calcutta with B.T. Malaria.


Dec 22nd – 31st

Being treated in Hospital.

Chapter 3 - 1944


January 1st – 7th

Still in B.M.H. Calcutta. (Malaria).


January 7th

Left Calcutta for Dimapur. (Manipur Road).


January 10th

Arrived Shenam (The Saddle).


Jan 11th – Feb 6th

Still In Shenam.


Feb 7th

Father died in Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka)


Feb 8th

Visit by Lord Louis Mountbatten.


Feb 9th – 19th

Still In Shenam.


Feb 20th

Was granted Compassionate leave to go to Colombo to see my Stepmother. Found I could not fly from Imphal due to evacuation of casualties from Burma, so I travelled by Road, Rail, River and Sea.


Feb 27th

Arrived Colombo 10 a.m.


Feb 28th

First day of Leave.


March 2nd

Visited the graves of my Father, Mother, and Brother in KANATTA General Cemetery COLOMBO.


March 3rd – 8th

On Leave.


March 9th



March 10th

Crossed PALK STRAITS to DHANOSKHODI in Southern India.


March 11th

When changing trains at MADRAS I met a Madrasi R.I.A.M.C. Officer who had just returned from the U.K. having spent the whole of the war in a hospital in EDINBURGH.


March 12th – 18th

Return journey by Rail, River and Road from MADRAS to WANJING where the Bn had moved to in my absence.


March 19th – 31st



April 1st

Japs astride MANIPUR Road between DIMAPUR and IMPHAL. (At this time the KOHIMA garrison were holding out against the Japanese). We had 6 weeks supplies of Food ammunition etc in the IMPHAL area. More was to come in by air later.


April 2nd – 9th

Still in WANJING.


April 10th

Left WANJING 0700; arrived Pt 2727 read aide 1600. I went by Jeep but the Coy had an 18 mile march.


April 11th

Left Pt 2727 0700. Had a terrible climb for the first couple of miles after which the gradient became less steep. Arrived track/dried up stream channel. Pt 6466


April 12th

Left Track/stream channel at Pt 6466 0630; Left this position at 1900 and marched all night.


April 13th

Left the point we reached (Pt 7275) at 0600. It was a terrible night march in spite of there being a bit of a moon. Rested up for the day. Left this Pt 1830.


April 14th

Arrived at bottom of spar. Rested up for the day and then marched along bed of stream (dried up) to arrive at Pt 7483 at 1730 hrs.


April 15th

Attacked KASOM 0530. 'C’ Coy led the attack. Killed 2 Japs and wounded 2. Own casualties Nil from the attack but Lt. Roxburgh killed by Jap sniper afterwards.


April 16th

Took over from ‘B’ Coy at 'Hot Spot' at 1600 hrs. Japs attacked our perimeter all night. Estimated Jap casualties 30 killed. Own Casualties 2 killed 3 wounded.


April 17th

Six Jap bodies were found outside our perimeter in the morning. I got a Mauser Pistol off one and Pte McFadd & 13 platoon a Sword each. Took over 'A' Coy position 1600 hrs.


April 18th

13 platoon blitzed. Became peaceful except for some small fire by our enemy.


April 19th

In Harbour.


April 20th

Took up Ambush position 2230 hrs. Unfortunately no Japs came.


April 21st

Took up new position on PUNJABI HILL.


April 22nd

Nothing much happening.


April 23rd

Still all quiet.


April 24th

Left KASOM 0700. Held up by enemy fire near LAMMU. More Japs killed. Own casualties 1 killed 7 wounded. "C" Coy attacked and took LAMMU 1700hrs.


April 25th

All quiet. Except that the Japs opened up with their Bn Artillery from behind overlooking hillside. No casualties.


 April 26th

Left LAMMU 1600 for "Hot Spot".


April 27th

Left 'Hot Spot" for Bn. harbour at Pt 6988 1830 hrs. Terribly hard going.


April 28th

Arrived Pt 6988 0530 left 0730. Arrived Paddy Field near RINGU 1300 hrs. Harboured for the night.


April 29th

Left Paddy Fields 0830. Arrived Pt 6426, RK 6593 1900 hrs. Terrible Journey through very thick jungle.


April 30th

Left Pt 0593 0600. Contacted 'A’ Coy 1030. Left "A" Coy position 1130. Bumped Japs Pt 6339 1600hrs. More Japs killed (7 certs); Own casualties 1 killed 5 wounded. (The one killed was, I think, a L/C Fox, my Bren Gunner who was killed by a sniper who we managed to deal with. I buried L/C Fox on the hillside by the track. Whether he was ever transferred to the Kohima Cemetery 1 do not know, although I have enquired.)


May 1st

Left Pt 6339 0945. Arrived back at Bn. Harbour 1300hrs. Had a marvellous 'snack-up' as we had had no food for 2 days.


May 2nd

Left Bn Harbour which was in a dried up chaung at Pt 612882 at 0730. Arrived at WANJING 1630 hrs.


May 3rd to 8th



May 9th

Transferred to "A" Coy as 2 I/C.


May 10th to 14th

Still at WANJING.


May 15th

Moved to YAPO.


May 17th

Left YAPO and returned to WANJING.


May 18th to 20th



May 21st

Returned to YAPO.


May 22nd

My 25th Birthday. Went to SHILLONG HILL.


May 23rd to 28th

Back again at WANJING.


May 29th

Went on to SCRAGGY.


May 30th to 31st

Still on SCRAGGY.


June 1st



June 3rd to 5th



June 6th

OUR SECOND FRONT OPENED. Applied for appointment as G.S.O.II to Consulate Secretariat S.E.A.C.


June 7th



June 8th



June 9th to July 4th

Remained on SHILLONG HILL. (Our trenches on one side of this hill linked with the Jap trenches on the other!!!)


June 5th

Left SHILLONG HILL for a place near KAKCHING.


June 6th to 21st

Remained near KAKCHING.


June 22nd

Left Brigade Hill for River Bank prior to attack on NIPPON and MORGAN’S Peak.


June 23rd

Lay up at foot of PEPPERPOT.


June 24th

"D” Coy attacked NIPPON and MORGAN’S Peak. Took both objectives, the latter unopposed.


June 25th

Remained on PIMPLE between NIPPON and MORGAN’S PEAK.


June 26th

Left PIMPLE to lie up on MOMBI/TAMU read track, but held up by Jap sniper so had to bed down on the road.


June 27th

Pressed on and occupied HARVEST HILL which was unoccupied and which overlooked the LOCKCHAU River.


June 28th

Returned to BULLOCK BOX prior to proceeding to CALCUTTA and NEW DELHI.


June 29th/30th



June 31st



Aug 1st/2nd



Aug 3rd/5th



Aug 6th

Reported to No 42 War Office Selection Board (Permanent Commission) at No 3 G.H.Q. TALLYGUNGE, CALCUTTA.


Aug 7th/8th



Aug 10th



Aug 11th

Arrived DELHI & reported to Rear H.Q. 11 Army Group.


Aug 12th

Reported to Colonel Phillpots, Director of Army Welfare.


Aug 13th

Started an Staff Captain (Welfare) Rear H.Q. 11 Army Group.


Aug 14th to Nov 2nd

Staff Captain (Welfare), New Delhi.


Nov 3rd

Went down with another dose of Malaria.


Nov 4th to 13th

Still down with Malaria.


Nov 14th

Contracted Jaundice.


Nov 15th

Filled in repatriation Form.


Nov 16th to 26th

Still in NEW DELHI.


Nov 27th



Nov 28th

On Train.


Nov 29th

Arrived DEOLALI and was vaccinated.


Nov 30th

Left DEOLALI for Bombay but returned to Deolali the same day. Don’t know why but could be the Army System?


December 1st to 7th

Still at DEOLALI.


December 8th

Left DEOLALI for BOMBAY and EMBARKED FOR U.K ON R.M.S "Strathaird".


(Charlie Reeves, of our Coventry Branch was also on this vessel and also had Malaria and Jaundice. Didn't know this until we met up at our Branch Meetings. Small World, isn’t it?)


The End of my Burma Campaign and that of the 1st Bn. The Seaforth Highlanders, who also left BULLOCK BOX in August and returned to INDIA to train for the recapture of MALAYA.

When you go home

tell them of us and say,

For your tomorrow,

we gave our today

Lt Gen Slim at Fort Dufferin, Mandalay, in March 1945 Lt Gen Slim at Fort Dufferin, Mandalay, in March 1945
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