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4th Indian Armoured Division

The Badge of this unit was a charging buffalo in black with red horns, hooves and eyes on a white background within a black circular border. The Badge contained an inscription in urdu "Laro aur larte raho" meaning “strike and keep on striking”.


This Division was raised in Secundrabad in January 1943, by the amalgamation of the 42nd and 43rd Armoured Divisions.


In April 1944 it was announced that the Formation was to be converted into an Airborne Division, the Armouredand Lorried Brigades were to become independent Brigades.


Before the change could be made the Divisional H.Q. was hurriedly moved to command certain detached Brigades of LoC.


The HQ was then re-designated the 21st Indian Division in May 1944 it concentrated at Jorbat, with the task of controlling operations in the Silchar Area and the LoC in the rear of 33rd Indian Corps.


As the advance progressed along the Imphal Road the division moved to Kohima and became responsible for the security of the LoC between Dimapur and the 33rd Indian Corps.


The Division was then split up to become the 255th Indian Tank Brigade, the 268th Lorried Infantry Brigade and the nucleus of the 44th Indian Airborne Division,


The Badge of this Division was retained by the 255th Indian Tank Brigade.

When you go home

tell them of us and say,

For your tomorrow,

we gave our today

Lt Gen Slim at Fort Dufferin, Mandalay, in March 1945 Lt Gen Slim at Fort Dufferin, Mandalay, in March 1945
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