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4th Corps

The badge of this unit was a black elephant on a red background.


Formed at Alesford in Hampshire in February 1940, by the then GOC Sir Glaude Auchinlect, who choose the badge of his old regiment (1st Punjab Regt).


The corps formed the Northern Norway Land Forces in April 1940. The corps were later sent to Iran, in the Spring of 1942 they were sent from Iran to India, firstly under the command of Eastern Armies (India) and then with the "Fourteenth Army".  


They were from then on actively engaged in operations against the Japanese.


The corps saw much of the hard fighting in the Liberation of Burma, it established the Irrawaddy Bridgehead and drove the Japanese from Meiktilla. They were in the van of the "Fourteenth Armies" drive to Mandalay and Rangoon.


In 1945 they became part of the "Twelfth Army".


They were commanded by Lieut/Gen G Scoones (CSI OBE DSO)


Order of Battle


Lieut-General Sir Geoffry Scoones ( - December 12, 1944)

Lieut-General F W Messervy ( December 12, 1944 - ? )


Brigadier General Staff

  • Brigadier K Boyley
  • Brigadier E H W Cobb (November 1944 - ? )


Deputy Adjutant and Quartermaster General

  • Brigadier L R Mizen


Deputy Director Medical Services

  • Brigadier D F Panton


Corps Armour

  • 255th Indian Tank Brigade (Brigadier C E Pert)
    • 30th Field Squadron, IE
    • 3rd Independent Bridging troops, RAC
    • 116th Regiment, RAC
    • 5th Probyn's Horse
    • 16th Light Cavalry (armored cars)
    • 4/4th Bombay Grenadiers
    • 7th Light Cavalry (April 1945 - ?)


Corps Artillery Brigadier C Goulder

  • 8th Medium Regiment, RA
  • 1st Indian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, IA
  • 67th Indian Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, IA
  • 1st Survey regiment, RA                            


Corps Engineers Brigadier W W Boggs

  • 471st Army Group Engineers
  • IV Corps Troops Engineers HQ
    • 12th Engineer batallion, IE
    • 75th Field Company, IE
    • 424th Field Company, IE
    • 94th (Faridkot) Field company, ISF
    • 305th Field Park Company, IE
    • ? Mechanical Equipment platoon, IE


Corps Signals Brigadier E V McCormack

  • IV Corps Signals


Corps Infantry

  • 78th Indian Infantry Company


Forward Corps troops

  • 51st Indian Company, 'D' (Deception) Division
  • No 1 Control Center Forward Maintenance Area
  • No 2 Control Center Forward Maintenance Area
  • B Group 'V' Force Operations HQ

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Lt Gen Slim at Fort Dufferin, Mandalay, in March 1945 Lt Gen Slim at Fort Dufferin, Mandalay, in March 1945
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