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44th Indian Airborne Division

Previously the 50th (Indian) Parachute Brigade


The same Badge was used by this unit as that of the British Airborne Division, the well known Pegasus with the addition of the word India in blue under it's hooves.


As the 50th (Indian) Parachute Brigade, it was raised in 1941 and consisted of:


The 151st British Parachute Battalion

This unit was formed in Delhi in 1941 from volunteers from twenty three British infantry battalions serving in India.  In October the Battalion was transferred to the Middle East where it joined 4th Parachute Brigade and was renumbered the 156th Parachute Battalion.


The 152nd (Indian) Parachute Battalion

This unit was formed from nineteen Indian infantry regiments


The 153rd (Gurkha) Parachute Battalion

This unit  was formed from volunteers from nine Gurkha regiments.


The 154th (Gurkha) Parachute Battalion

This unit was formed from the 3rd Btn of the 7th Gurkha Rifles:  it joined the Brigade in October 1943


By the summer of 1945, the 50th Parachute Brigade had been expended to full divisional strength and was renamed the 44th Indian Infantry Division.


The 50th Parachute Brigade of this Division was in Action at Imphal (Sangshak) in 1944 and again in May 1945 when it made an Airborne Landing South of Rangoon in support of  the26th Indian Division.


The 44th Indian Airborne Division consisted of:


  • 50th Indian Parachute Brigade made up of:
    • 16th (British) Parachute Btn
    • 1st (Indian) Parachute Btn
    • 3rd (Gurkha) Parachute Btn
  • 77th (Indian) Parachute Brigade made up of:
    • 15th (British) Parachute Btn
    • 4th (Indian) Parachute Btn
    • 2nd (Gurkha) Parachute Btn
    • 44th (British)   Independent Pathfinder Company
  • 14th Air Landing Brigade made up of:
    • 2nd Btn The Black Watch
    • 4th Btn Rajputana Rifles
    • 6th/16th Punjab Regiment
    • 4th Btn 5th Mahratta Light Infantry Regt


The Division was renumbered 2nd Indian Airborne Division in January 1947


They were commanded by Maj/Gen  Hope-Thomson.

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Lt Gen Slim at Fort Dufferin, Mandalay, in March 1945 Lt Gen Slim at Fort Dufferin, Mandalay, in March 1945
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