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26th Indian Infantry Division

The Badge of this unit was a yellow and black royal Bengal tiger stepping out of a blue triangle set on a black triangular background.  The triangle was taken from the greek letter delta, for it was in the Honli Delta that the Division was raised from HQ Presidency and Assam District Troops, in April 1942.  Because of its Badge it was known as the "Tigers Head" Division.


They were moved into the Arakan Area in the Winter of 1943, they first saw action in January 1943 in the Kalapinzin Valley and South of the Maundaw-Buthidaung Road. 


The Division fought its way to the relief  of the 7th Division in their "Admin Box" at Sinzwa, the formation took part in the Amphibious Operation down the Burma coast in support of the "Fourteenth Army", through Mandalay, Meiktilla, and down the Irrawaddy.


The Division was allocated the task of the Capture of Rangoon by sea, troops were landed  ten miles south of the City on the 2nd May 1945, and were able to Capture the City before the arrival of  troops from the main body of the "Fourteenth Army" advancing southwards from Pegu.


After the Capture of  Rangoon the Division was returned to India to become part of the 34th Corps, and subsequently saw service in the Dutch East-Indies. 


They were Commanded by Maj Gen CEN Lomas (CB DSO MC)


Structure of the Division


Divisional Commanders:

Maj/Gen CEN Lomax (CB CBE DSO MC)

Maj/Gen  HM Chambers (OBE DSO)


Headquarters Brigade

12th Btn 12th Frontier Force Rifles (M/Gun)


Divisional Artillery

160th  (Jungle) Field Regt (Royal Artillery)

20th Indian Mountain Regt (Indian Artillery)


4th Indian Infantry Brigade

1st Btn The Wiltshire Regt

2nd Btn 7th Rajput Regt

8th Btn 8th Punjab Regt

6th Btn 11th Sikh Regt

2nd Btn 13th Frontier Force Rifles

3rd Btn 9th Gurkha Rifles

Commanded by

Brig AW Lowther (OBE DSO)

Brig JFR Forman (CBE DSO)


36th Indian Infantry Brigade

1st Btn North Staffordshire Regt

8th Btn 13th Frontier Force Rifles

5th Btn 16th Punjab Regt

1st Btn 8th Gurkha Rifles

Commanded by

Brig (later Maj/Gen) LG Thomas (CBE DSO MC)

Brig KS Thimayya (DSO)

Brig GL Roberts (OBE)

Brig ICA Lauder

Brig JA Mellsup


71st Indian Infantry Brigade

1st Btn The Lincolnshire Regt

5th Btn 1st Punjab Regt

7th Btn 15th Punjab Regt

9th Btn 15th Punjab Regt

1st Btn 18th Royal Garhwal Rifles

Commanded by

Brig GGC Bull (DSO)

Brig RC Cattrell-Hill (DSO OBE MC)

Brig HN Chambers (CBE) later Maj/Gen

Brig HPI Hutchingson


Royal Indian Army Service Corps

44th 48th 51st 58th Animal Trt Coy's (Mule)

Divisional Supply Issue Units

44th 75th 166th GP Trt Coy's


Medical Services


1st 46th 48th Indian Field Ambulances


26th Indian Division Provost Unit

26th Indian Division Signals Unit


Indian Army Ordnance Corps

Divisional Ordnance Sub-Park


Indian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

54th55th Indian W/Shop Coy's

26th Indian Division Recovery Unit


Indian Engineers Sappers and Miners

72nd Field Coy (KGO Bengal Lancers)

28th 98th Field Coy's (Royal Bombay)

128th Field Park Coy (Royal Bombay)

When you go home

tell them of us and say,

For your tomorrow,

we gave our today

Lt Gen Slim at Fort Dufferin, Mandalay, in March 1945 Lt Gen Slim at Fort Dufferin, Mandalay, in March 1945
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