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Maps of Burma

General Map of Burma
Map of Burma.jpg
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Kabaw Valley/Imphal
Kabaw Valley-Imphal.jpg
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The Okkan Operation
The Okkan Operation.jpg
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Imphal/Ukhrul Road
Imphal-Ukhrul Road.jpg
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Positions around Badger
Positions around Badger.jpg
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Positions at Shangshak
Positions at Shangshak.jpg
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Shuganu-Mombi Area
Shuganu-Mombi Area.jpg
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Area north of Palel-Tamu Road
Area north of Palel-Tamu Road.jpg
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Area north of Palel-Tamu Road 2
Area north of Palel-Tamu Road 2.jpg
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The Saddle and The Sausage
The Saddle and The Sausage.jpg
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Operations around Mitlong Khonou
Operations around Mitlong Khonou.jpg
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Area around Maungdaw-Buthidaung
Area around Maungdaw-Buthidaung.jpg
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Akyab to Ruywa
Akyab to Ruywa.jpg
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Glider routes into Myitkyina
Glider routes into Myitkyina.jpg
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Blackpool-White City-Piccadilly-Aberdeen-Broadway
Blackpool-White City-Piccadilly-Aberdeen[...]
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Arakan Map showing mountains
Arakan Map showing mountains.jpg
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Central Burma
Central Burma.jpg
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Bilin 15-22 February 1942
Bilin 15-22 February 1942.jpg
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Flight Over the Hump
Flight Over the Hump.jpg
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Upper Burma-Escape map
Upper Burma-Escape map.jpg
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Sittang Bridge
Sittang Bridge.jpg
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Retreat from Burma
Retreat from Burma.jpg
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Fall of Burma
Fall of Burma.jpg
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Burma (Myanmar) as it is now
Burma as it is now.jpg
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Kohima map
Kohima map.jpg
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Kohima map 2
Kohima map 2.jpg
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When you go home

tell them of us and say,

For your tomorrow,

we gave our today

Lt Gen Slim at Fort Dufferin, Mandalay, in March 1945 Lt Gen Slim at Fort Dufferin, Mandalay, in March 1945
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