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Thinking of Placing Someone into Care or a Nursing Home?

It is normally the Social Services who become the pathway that we all follow when someone we love or care for reaches the point where they need to be cared for by trained staff in a care or nursing home environment. This normally occurs when an individual has been assessed by Social Services at the request of the family or whilst in hospital.  It is a stressful time for all the concerned parties especially the husband or wife.  It is therefore vital that you get the best advice prior to agreeing to place someone.  The care system in the UK revolves around your income, savings and assets.  


 There are many factors to take into account prior to making any decision - for instance:

  • do you own your own home?
  • who else lives in the home?
  • would they continue to live there if you go into a care or nursing home?


The local authority comes into play regarding care home fees when the individual’s personal savings and investments are at £23,500 or below.  However the Local Authority contribution very rarely covers the full cost of the care home fees.  The person going into care will be required to make a personal contribution towards the contribution from the local authority, this is usually made up from the state pension and work place pension, war pension and any other income they may receive such as attendance allowance, pension credit etc.  You can immediately see there are many things to take into account. 


To add to this chaos each local authority sets its own level of weekly contribution and this contribution ranges from £340 - £460.  The average weekly cost for care home fees that are used by the Social Services is around £560!   However, before you decide to book a room at an expensive home, other considerations need to be taken into account.  The cost of these care homes can run from £830 to upwards of £1200 per week.  The “family” are responsible for the 3rd party costs – that is the difference between the local authority contribution and the actual cost of the home.  The family are not allowed to use the personal savings of the individual to help fund this expense.  Every case is different and therefore it is essential you seek advice prior to making decisions.  The Benevolence Secretary is available to offer general advice but suggests your family contact agencies such as Age UK or the Social Services for your area before making any decision.

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