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Funeral Costs

The latest statistics show that the average cost of a funeral is a staggering £3,684! This figure does not include the headstone, flowers, catering and notices. 


Grants from the Social Fund

Only a person in receipt of “a benefit” can apply for financial assistance from the social fund in the form of a funeral payment.  The maximum amount the Social Fund can give towards a funeral is approximately £1,400.  However very few people are ever awarded this amount!  It is always reduced.  Furthermore people in full time employment are normally refused outright.  Many families still believe there is a government funeral grant that you simply apply for – this is not true!  For further information please contact the Bereavement Service on 0345 606 0285.


Whilst the Association will help with funeral expenses, only cases where real hardship would be placed on the remaining family will be considered. The maximum grant the Association is able to make is capped at £500.

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Lt Gen Slim at Fort Dufferin, Mandalay, in March 1945 Lt Gen Slim at Fort Dufferin, Mandalay, in March 1945
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