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The Burma Campaign took place between 1941 and 1945, although the rumbling threat to peaceful existence in Burma was very much apparent in pre-1939 years.   This diary of events covers from 1941 to 45 but campaign veterans will know that mopping up operations continued for some time after the official surrender of the Japanese.

Burma is a country of numerous types of terrain; acrid plains, lush vegetation, swamp, dense jungle, bamboo forests, mountainous regions and great rivers.   There are large Cities, smaller towns and many villages.    In this diary, the men and women of the Burma Campaign will recognise names of places where they fought, sailed, flew or nursed.  Almost every Division, Corps, Brigade and other units are mentioned somewhere within these pages.  You will be able to follow the action from start to finish; from 'Defeat Into Victory' (to use 'Uncle Bill's' own words), in the war against the Japanese Imperial might.

The general information of this diary of events, concentrates mainly of forward action, epics of siege, i.e. Kohima, Imphal and overall battle strategy.  It should and must be noted however, that both the retreat, and moreso the advance, of the BRITISH, AMERICAN, BURMESE, AFRICAN, GURKHA and CHINESE troops and other forces, depended largely upon Naval supplies and transport:   on American and R.A.F. air forces for ground attacks from the air;  the dropping of supplies; defence of the airfields and other installations; on the Service Depots, Transport Stores, and the NURSING and MEDICAL services, especially the C.C.S. (Casualty Clearing Stations), ALL OF WHOM WERE SUBJECT TO BEING BOMBED, SHELLED AND INFILTRATED BY THE ENEMY.  They suffered injury and death,  the sickness and other adversities, in just the same way as the front line combat troops.  Doctors, Nurses, Stretcher-bearers, Ministers and Welfare workers and many, many more, are worthy of special mention.

The writer again grateful acknowledges the kind permission of 'Bison Books' of London for allowing reproduction of the Burma content from 'The World Almanac of World War Two'.

A representation of all units and organisations who participated in the BURMA CAMPAIGN took part in the Victory Parade in Rangoon on June 14th 1945, under a leader without comparison, 'Slim of Burma'.



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