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June 1945

My name is Tetsuro Usui and I am a Japanese ournalist for Burma. And now I am looking for true history of one of the accident at small village in Burma during WWII. The massacre has happen at Kalagon village which is located near Moulmein on July 1945. It was the end of the war and all of Japanese army tried to withdraw to Thailand. Then one of the unit of Force 136 or S.O.E unit which is commanded by Major Abbey and Major Ferduson maneuver at the behind of Japanese army regiment 215, These two major's unit set a camp in the Dali forest and disturbed Japanese army and they got support from neighboring villages including Kalagon village and also they got supplements by airlift. And Japanese army decided terminate support from local village and raided Kalagon village. Finally nearly 1,000 villagers was killed with bayoneted and dumped into 22 water wells and all of remains is still in there. This accident was taken to court after end of the WWII at Rangoon and four of Japanese soldiers has executed as war criminal in 1946 and family of victims got relief supplements from British army after that. It was very difficult find real history of WWII because most of Japanese veterans never speak their real experiences, I could find some of veterans of regiment 215 in Japan but they never talk real history because they think that it is shame as Japanese soldiers even I showed some photos of Kalagon village which I took when I visited there. But I really want to find real history of this accident with all of focus of involved parties especially British side which I have not found yet. And now I am looking for Major Abbey and Major Ferduson or related persons who involved their operation, I do hope they are still alive and I do really expect to know operation at Dali forest area against Japanese army. But I do not have any idea how to find them in England thus I would like to ask you help me to find the way to see them and real history of one of the British army at Burma during WWII. I do expect listen from someone. Sincerely yours Tetsuro Usui Journalist for Burma Address: Krungthep Thani Tower, Room 1803 56, Sukhumvit Soi 24, Sukhumvit Road Klongtey, Bangkok, Thailand [:|]


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