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The Badge of this unit was

The Head of a Double Horned Rhinoceros in Black on a Red Oval background outlined in Black was the Badge adopted by this Formation, originally the Rhinos Head was in Brown on a Buff Oval background.


The Division was composed of Troops from Kenya, Uganda, Nyasaland, & Tanginika, plus Troops from Rhodesia. This formation served with the "Fourteenth Army" in the Hard Fighting that led to the Liberation of Burma from the Japanese. 

They were COMMANDED by

Maj/Gen G.G. Ffowkes (C.B. D.S.O. M.C.)

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Royal Artillery/302nd E.A. Regt
Norman's sister is trying to find out where he was during his service.  Please click here if you can help
ROY HALL If you remember Roy, could you please click this link
S/SGT THOMAS BARROW We are seeking information on Tom who we believe may have served with the 11th East African Div.  If you think you can help, can you please CLICK HERE

Searching for information on Jim Fleming who was with the RA.  If you can help, can you please CLICK HERE
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Maj/Gen G.C. Ffowkes (C.B. D.S.O. M.C

Headquarters Brigade
13th Btn (N Y) Kings Own African Rifles                

Divisional Artillery
302nd East African Field Regt
303rd East African Field Regt
17th Indian Mountain Regt (Indian Artillery)

21st Brigade
2nd (NY) Btn Kings Own African Rifles
4th (U) Btn Kings Own African Rifles
1st Btn Nigerian Regt

COMMANDED by Brig. J. Macnab (D.S.O.  M.B.E.)


25th Brigade
11th (K) Btn Kings Own African Rifles
26th (TT) Btn Kings Own African Rifles
34th (U)  Btn Kings Own African Rifles
1st Btn Rhodesian Regt

COMMANDED by Brig. N. Hendricks

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26th Brigade
22nd (NY) Btn Kings Own African Rifles 
36th (TT) Btn Kings Own African Rifles
44th (U) Btn Kings Own African Rifles
13th (NY) Btn Kings Own African Rifles

COMMANDED by Brig. A. Channer

Service Corps
21st. 23rd. 26th Brigades Trt Coys

Medical Services
16th East African Field Ambulance

11th East African Provost Unit
11th East African Signals Unit

Army Ordnance Corps
East African Ordnance Sub=Park

East African Engineers Sappers & Miners
54th. 58th. 64th Field Coy's 
62nd East African Field Park Coy

From Lance Visser who have the following additional information:-

11th East African Division   
                  Major-general C. C. Fowkes

                  Divisional Recon
                        5th King's african rifles

                  Divisional Artillery  
                        Brigadier J. V. D. Radford
                        302nd East African Field Regiment
                        303rd East African Field Regiment
                        304th East African Field Regiment

                  Divisional Engineers
                        34th East African Field Company
                        58th East African Field Company
                        64th East African Field Company
                        62nd East African Field Park Company

                  Divisonal Signals
                        11th East African Divisional Signals

                  Divisional HQ batallion
                        13th King's African Rifles

                  21st East African Brigade (Brigadier J. F. Macnab)
                        2nd King's African Rifles
                        4th King's African Rifles
                        1st Northern Rhodesia Regiment

                  25th East African Brigade (Brigadier N. C. Hendricks)
                        11th King's African Rifles
                        26th King's African Rifles
                        34th King's African Rifles

                  26th East African Brigade
                        Brigadier V. K. H. Channer (?-November 18, 1944)
                        Brigadier A. P. Walsh (November 18, 1944 - ?)

                        22nd King's African Rifles
                        36th King's African Rifles
                        44th King's African Rifles


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